Consignment Selling on Ebay and Estate Liquidation
Your ebay sales connnection and Estate Liquidation Expert

Cost To Sell

Nothing is collected up front to sell with me on ebay (except vehicles, see below).

My fee structure for selling on ebay is below.  This fee is based on the net income of an auction.  Ebay charges fees to use their auction service and I take the ebay's fee off the top before I calculate my fee.  My commission is based on per item, and does not include vehicles.

           Percentage                            Dollar Amount
               35%                                      $1-1,000
               20%                                  of $1,001 -$5,000
               15%                                  of $5,001-$10,000
               10%                                  of $10,001+

Ebay charges listing fees and final value fees.  As of January 2011 the ebay auction final value fee is 9% of the sale price up to a maximum charge of $100.00.  Listing fees can vary depending on the starting price but are usually less than $1 dollar.  (Depending on how many pictures are needed, etc)

Paypal is the most widely accepted form of payment for ebay purchases and that fee is also deducted before my commission. 
As of January 2011 paypal charges 2.9% + 30 cents a transaction for U.S. buyers and and
                                                        3.9% + 30 Cents for international buyers.

For Estate Sales:

1.  Items sold on ebay have the identical fee structure above.
2.  Items sold at estate sale or Craigslist:  35%
3.  $20 per hour for garbage clean out and sorting items to sell vs donate/ trash
4.  Client pays for all expense which include but no limited to:

    A.  Dumpster costs
    B.  Flight and lodging and car rental  (I pay for gas and food)
    C.  Any advertising costs (for sales).
Depending on the size of the estate the job can range from days to a month.  I provide a full accounting of all proceeds sold and all expenses. 

Vehicle Selling on ebay costs a flat $500.00 which covers everything, my commission and all ebay fees.  For vehicles, the owner must is required to pay $100 up front, and $400 at the time of vehicle pickup by the buyer. 

** Please note that the majority of my auctions sell items with a 7 day money back satisfaction guarantee.  I believe in standing behind my products and require sellers to do the same.  After the guarantee period has passed, I then settle up with my client.
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