Consignment Selling on Ebay and Estate Liquidation
Your ebay sales connnection and Estate Liquidation Expert
Estate Liquidation and Selling
Liquidating decades of accumulated items is a burdensome task for any family.  This requires family members to take time off from work to decide on what needs to be distributed through to family members on what needs to be removed from the home.  My goal is to free up your time to focus on the items you want to keep in your family, and sell the remaining items.

I am willing to fly anywhere in the United States (and Canada) to help sell items and dispose of all estate items.  By working with a 3rd party expert, I bring over a 10 years of selling experience to work for you.

My process works as follows:

Step 1.  Sort through everything to decide what is to be sold on ebay, craigslist, local estate sale, donation items, and items to be disposed as trash. 

1.  Identify higher ticket items to be offered on ebay buyers worldwide.  List and sell items right out of the home.
2.  Offer large items (furniture, appliances) for sale on Craigslist.  I coordinate all pictures, advertising and buyer appointments
3.  Perform a traditional estate sale (similar to a garage sale) where low cost items are offered to the public. 
4.  Items not sold can either be donated to Salvation Army or a charity of your choice. 
5.  Dispose of trash articles with an emphasis on recycling as many items as possible.
6.  Different selling:  I have sold firearms to local gun shops, precious metal to the highest bidder.  (This could be either a local dealer or ebay depending on which avenue generates the most revenue.)
7.  I provide a full accounting of what was sold and selling prices for all ebay/ craigslist items.  For the Estate sales:  summary of sales due to the rapid selling, and negotiating of multiple items being sold in a short period of time.

After all auctions are completed and items sold I provide the executor of the estate a check for the your portion of proceeds.

The cost for my services are as follow per each item:

Sorting Process and identifying items:  $20 per hour

My commission:   30% of the first $1000
                          20% of $1001 to $5000
                          15% of $5001 to $10,000
                          10% $10,001 +

** For all ebay sales, ebay and paypal fees are deducted before commissions are determined.

The goal is to make your life easier by allowing me to take on the liquidation burden typically reserved for family.

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