Consignment Selling on Ebay and Estate Liquidation
Your ebay sales connnection and Estate Liquidation Expert


10 years ago, selling an item was done in your local newspaper.  As an ebay powerseller I use Ebay, your local Craigslist and garage sales to get the highest price for an estate.  Because ebay offers a worldwide buying market, the most collectible and expensive items work the best on this site.

For Ebay Selling I perform the following:
1.  Take item picture in a neutral environment with good lighting (multiple pictures if necessary)
2.  Compelling Title Line
3.  Fully and accurately describe the item.
4.  Disclose shipping fee, including international shipping fees
5.  Timely response to prospective buyer questions
6.  Collect money after auction ends
7.  Package and ship item  (fill out customs forms for international shipments)
8.  Handle any and all customer service issues
9.  Provide full accounting to you (client) for all items sold

As a ebay powerseller with 9 years of buying and selling experience, I know all the rules to ensure a successful auction experience on ebay.  My goal is to provide buyers with high quality products, and accurate representation of what I am selling.   For the seller, my goal is to bring as many bidders to the table to get the highest possible bid price.  Buyers have confidence in powersellers like me who have a high positive feedback rating and provide consistent positive experiences to people worldwide. 

What I don't Do:

1.  Sell adult material
2.  Sell fakes or name brand counterfeits of any sort
4.  Sell prohibited items on ebay:  ammunition, animals (see for complete list of prohibited items)

Items that Sell:

Musical Instruments
Designer products
Vintage Toys
Most any Vintage items
Business inventory
Porcelain collectibles

If you are not sure whether or not you have an something that would sell, contact me and we can discuss it.

The process from beginning to end takes around 30 days.  If you want to sell on ebay, I make it easy and fun.


Question:  What happens if it doesn't sell?
A:  I will either relist the item, or give it back to the client, or donate it to my church thrift store.  Client decides what will happen if I choose not to relist.

Question.  What is your ebay name/ handle?: 
A:  dirckrl

Question.  What if the buyer doesn't complete the purchase?
A.  I only ship after a buyer pays for an item.  In the event they never pay, I relist the item.

Question:  What Does not sell well on ebay?
A.  Furniture, Large appliances (to heavy to ship), VHS tapes

Question:  Why hire you, can't I do this all my self?
A.  Yes you can do it yourself, but do you want to take the time to take the pictures, upload the information, deal with prospective bidders, accurately quote shipping.  I can often bring in a higher sales price due to my high rating and product presentation. 

Question:  What is a powerseller
A.  Ebay awards this designation to sellers who meet a certain sales volume criteria and maintains a positive satisfaction rating of 98% or higher.  My present satisfaction rating is 99.8%
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